Donna Garrison did an outstanding job of selling our Lake Travis waterfront property in a very tough market. For over twenty years, Donna was our neighbor and she always impressed us with her knowledge of current Real Estate issues in the area. When we made the decision to sell, Donna was the obvious Realtor to call. The market on Lake Travis for lakefront properties was extremely competitive and our particular situation was made even more difficult by some unusual Title and flood plain issues. Donna skillfully researched the issues and used her knowledge of the community to resolve those potential barriers. I truly doubt that another Realtor would have been so effective in our situation. Even in the difficult market and with the unique property challenges, we sold our property within 90 days of listing it with Donna. She did an amazing job!

I worked in commercial real estate for almost 30 years, so I appreciate a great Broker when I work with one. The majority of Brokers I encountered never worked as hard as you do. I was always amazed at those who expected the client to do half of the work, or hoped that the selling Broker would cover for them. You are really good at what you do. Hang in there until the market comes back around and all of your work will pay off in a big way.

Ron Smith