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Why Buyers Agency

What is Buyer Agency?
As a Buyer Agent, I work exclusively with you to find the best homes that meet your needs and then negotiate the best price and terms for you. I always place the buyer’s interest first!

  • Buyer’s Agents represent home buyers
  • Seller’s Agents represent home sellers

The vast majority of real estate agents in Texas are seller’s agents. Buyer agency, common in other parts of the country, is a relatively new concept here. When you work with most real estate agents, they are showing you properties on behalf of the seller – even when they show you properties listed by other agencies through the Multiple Listing Service, they are still acting in most cases as sub agents of the seller.Though they may seem to be your real estate agent, their fiduciary responsibility is to the seller – to get him or her the best price and terms for their property.

In Texas, unless you have signed a Buyers Representation Agreement with that agent, they are actually a sub agent of the seller.

A buyer’s agent can show you all of the same properties – with one big difference. My fiduciary responsibility is to you – to get you the best price and terms as a buyer. When you work with a sellers agent or sub agent you are a customer, when you work with a buyers agent you become a client. Click here to learn the difference between a customer or client!

If you are reluctant to sign a Buyers Representation Agreement, consider signing one for a day or a week. Once you are comfortable with the relationship, the agreement can be extended. Working with a Buyer’s Agent to purchase property costs you no additional money! I’m paid from a portion of the sales commission. You enjoy the benefits of an advocate working exclusively on your behalf, at no additional cost!

The Benefits of Working with a Buyer’s Agent

Zero in more quickly on properties that meet your needs
A traditional ‘listing’ agent will show you their own listings first, even if they don’t quite fit your parameters. If they sell you one of their listings, they can double their return, earning both the seller and buyer side of the commission. Then they’ll show you other properties listed by their office. Only then, if nothing catches your eye, will they begin the time consuming research to identify properties listed by other agencies through the Multiple Listing Service (MLS). If ‘your’ agent doesn’t have anything in their inventory that meets your needs, precious weeks can go by before you’re shown properties listed by other agencies.

As a Buyer Agent, I delve right into the Multiple Listings and show you any properties listed by any agency that meet your needs. I also search the internet, scour local newspapers, check foreclosure properties and ‘for sale by owner’ properties to find you the right home.

Saves Your Precious Time
I typically preview properties before taking you to see them, weeding out the ones that don’t meet your needs. When we look at homes together, I carefully note your likes and dislikes, to tailor the search even further. And if you see a home for sale that catches your eye while driving around the county, you can make one call to me and get all the relevant information.

Help in Making Your Purchase Decision
As a Buyer Agent I can give you opinions on the quality of a home, the value of a home and comparisons between homes that have been seen. Unlike a seller’s agent, who is legally prohibited from providing opinions which might compromise the seller’s position, a buyer agent is free to offer opinions and information to help you make the right purchase decision. A Seller’s Agent cannot say, for example, “This house is priced $20,000 too high.” But a buyer’s agent can.

Negotiating the Best Price and Terms
Often the most nerve wracking aspect of buying property is ‘making the offer.’ Without a Buyer’s Agent to help frame your offer it can be a shot in the dark. A Seller’s Agent usually will not provide you with relevant information – like the time the property has been on the market or recent sales prices of comparable homes – to help you shape your bid.

A Buyer’s Agent, on the other hand, is at your side through this critical point. I can provide you with ‘comps’ of other similar houses that have sold to support your offer price. I’ll give you my opinion on how ‘hot’ the property is, and if an aggressive offer is justified. I’ll suggest contingencies to include in your offer to protect your interests and handle the ongoing negotiations on your behalf.

Represent Your Interests All the Way Through Closing
When your offer has been accepted, you’re halfway home. I stay with you all the way through closing. I can recommend trusted lawyers and home inspectors, review inspection, title and tax reports with you, and negotiate any needed repairs or purchase price adjustments to ensure that everything moves smoothly to a closing with your interests protected.

I believe strongly in buyer agency, acting in an uncompromised position as advocates for our clients. The payback is happy, satisfied clients who never have reason to doubt that their interests come first! Wouldn’t it be wise to employ a guide who has been through the process hundreds of times, especially since the builder or seller pays for “your” representation anyway?

Buyer Agency Makes Sense
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Will Garrison, Broker/Owner